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Rincon Hammock Hitch
Rincon Hammock Hitch
Rincon Hammock Hitch
Rincon Hammock Hitch
Rincon Hammock Hitch
Rincon Hammock Hitch
Rincon Hammock Hitch
Rincon Hammock Hitch
Rincon Hammock Hitch

Rincon Hammock Hitch

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Sometimes you find yourself without trees. A trip to the beach, a desert climb, tailgating. We found ourselves in all these situations without a way to hang our Rincon Hammocks, so we designed and developed the Original Rincon Hammock Hitch. We have a few more of our original design in stock so get yours before they're gone!

Made In The USA

Perfect for easy hangin' anywhere you can drive,

Created for the adventurer in all of us.

Made in Idaho, USA.

The Set Up

  • Materials
  • Dimensions
  • Safety Info
  • Fabricated right here in the Pacific Northwest, our hitches use thick 2" tubing and attach to a standard 2" vehicle receiver. The 5-piece system takes about 60 seconds to set up, and about the same amount of time to take down and accommodates most standard hammock sizes. With a stated weight capacity of 300 pounds (when installed correctly) you're free to roam.
  • A 5-piece, black painted hammock hitch with extra-long receiver mount (the part that inserts into your vehicle's hitch receiver) to accommodate most vehicles (including those with rear tires, tailgate accessories, etc.) See the DIMENSIONS tab below for specifics. This includes:
    • - 1 painted, extra-long receiver mount
    • - 4 painted, nesting arms, one with an extra gear hook for storing your goods while you hang
    • - 4 pins for securing nesting arms to each other and frame
      - 1 standard 5/8" hitch pin (this is the standard pin that secures the hammock hitch to the receiver)

Our hitches are fabricated by hand in the USA with 2" O95 round steel tubing.

  • We coat each hitch with black direct-to-metal, 2-stage industrial paint


Fits all standard 2" vehicle hitch receivers (Class III and IV)

  • The distance from the end of the trailer receiver hitch to the hitch arms is approximately 21". Make sure your vehicle has sufficient space to install the hitch (e.g. do you have a spare tire on your tail gate).
  • The arms of the hammock hitch when not under tension are approximately 120" apart. If your hammock doesn't stretch this far, just install another carabiner with a weight rating of at least 300 pounds.  
  • 300-pound rated weight capacity
    • Important Safety Note: Weight rating is based on proper installation. Do not use this hitch without following proper installation techniques, using a hammock with the same or greater weight rating, and on a trailer hitch with the same or greater tongue weight rating.


Hammock hitches are dangerous. You will be suspended several feet above immovable steel beams, and if any one of several pieces fail you may sustain serious injuries or even die.

Here are just a few of the pieces that must operate appropriately in order for the hitch to be safe:

  • The hitch steel must not be compromised
  • The welds of the hitch must be in good repair
  • The carabiners of your hammock must be working properly
  • Your hammock must have no defects
  • The pins of the hitch must be in good repair
  • Your vehicle trailer hitch must be attached well and rated for the weight
  • Your vehicle must be stationary and secured
  • The steel on the hitch must be free of rust and similar corrosive agents

Before purchasing and using this hitch please be certain that you're able to check these items before each use of the hitch.